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Enterprise-level access to crypto markets

  • Auth eID app

    • Our corporate onboarding requires to confirm your identity via Auth eID app.
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  • Account with Leverex

    • As part of the corporate onboarding we ask that our potential partners already have a personal Leverex account created.
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Enabling crypto access for a range of corporates

Advanced security, stable rails

  • Brokers

    Access markets that never close. Expand your offering across top cryptocurrency assets with a partner who ensures regulatory clarity.

  • Hedge Funds

    Expand your portfolio through crypto markets and execution services.

  • Family Offices

    Get direct access to crypto markets through proven architecture featuring industry-leading security.

  • Neo banks

    Leverage existing infrastructure to create your custom crypto offer. Eliminate barriers to entry into digital currency markets.

  • Prop Traders

    Put your experience to work on quickly growing markets that never close.

  • Aggregators

    Connect through the fastest APIs in crypto and leverage our markets.